publishing online, no option to update existing score vs create new score in MS4

• Jun 28, 2023 - 18:20

Hello, I have multiple mscz files that I want to publish online that were created from the same template file. So although they have different titles and filenames, when I publish them online, they all update the same online score/URL. In MS3, there was a checkbox to either update an existing score or publish a new one. There is no such option in MS4 as far as I can tell. Please fix.


Did you actually use the template mechanism? That should have cleared the Source field from File / Project properties automatically. if for some reason it didn't, open your template normally, clear that field yourself, then resave to your Templates folder.

I'm guessing though that you weren't actually using a template but were instead simply doing save as. And that will indeed copy everything, including the project properties. So you need to go in and manually clear that. In the future, definitely better to actually use the template mechanism, for this and other reasons.

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You're right that it was probably using save as (I don't know for certain as I didn't make the files myself actually; this is a collaboration). Regardless, this seems like a feature that was overlooked and should be in ms4 and not just ms3. I'm adding it to the list of reasons that MS4 is not working for me.

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The checkbox is returning indeed. But meanwhile, it would be good to improve your workflow such that you don't need to do this. If you've been in the habit of using "save as" as a substitute for actually using a template, you'vll save a ton of time and trouble by simply switching. No more manually deleting measures and reinserting, no more manually editing titles on the score and then again manually updating project properties (which is also when you could have been clearing the source field while you're already there in the dialog), etc. We'd love to help you work more efficiently and see how MU4 can enable exactly that, while also giving greatly improved engraving and playback!

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