Musescore closing when editing certain measures

• Jul 4, 2023 - 02:51

I am making a score with 18 instruments, and for around 100 measures it worked perfectly fine.
But after that, some measures, when edited, crash the program after some time.
I have already re-installed the program, opening the file in other computers and copying the whole music and pasting it in another file, and it keeps crashing.
does anybody knows how to fix this?

(english is not my mother language so sorry if it is hard to understand)


Reinstalling MuseScore almost never helps. Reverting to factory moch more often so.
But here it seems raletad to a specific score, so share that and explain step by step how to get MuseScore to crash

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thanks for replying. i already reverted to factory and it didn't worked either.
im using version 4.0.2
for the step by step:
1. open the file
2. go to the measure 101
3. select the fist note in the violoncello part
it generally crash right there, but if not, selecting the first note on measure 102, 103 and 104 crash it.
that is one of the spots where it generally crashes, and the one im using to replicate the crash but there are more that happen any time when editing parts close to that measure.

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