Playback in v4.1rc erratic

• Jul 9, 2023 - 00:18

Playing back an MS v3 piano score in v4.1rc is dramatically affected by I/O device selection. The system default device plays back about 4 or 5 times normal speed and several octaves too high. When I select another output device, the playback is 2 - 3 times too slow and the pitch several octaves too low!

When I select my headphone device as the output, MS crashes to desktop immediately (before I click OK)


Messing with headphones has always made MU4 crash. I've only had the rc a short time. but playback speed seems fine. Is your default device selected in MU4 or just "Default"?

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Thanks for the reply, Leave headphones out of it then - that must be a separate issue.
I thought I should raise the bizarre effect on playback though.
On first opening after install, output device was set to System Default and the highspeed/high pitch playback was heard (in fact the tempo is quite variable. I think the culprit must be my "Voicemeeter" audio system.
I have reinstalled MU4.1rc and still have the issue with the default device but if I select another device not going through voicemeeter (and as long as I close MU after changing it and re-open before trying to playback, the sound is normal>

I guess it is not compatible with Voicemeeter. Bizarre that this could affect empo and pitch though but stil I'm no sound expert!

Thanks for the guidance.

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Thanks for the advice - I tried those suggestions and eliminated them all. However I think I have tracked it down. It's not Voicemeeter itself but the virtual audio cable that I was using. If I select the Voicemeeter device it plays correctly. If I use the "cable input" device (which is Voicemeeter's own audio driver), I get these weird playback effects. I can easily avoid using that output device for MuseScore!

Incidentally the slow/low playback always happened after changing the device from the duff one to a good one but not restarting MuseScore. After restart it's fine.
Also, I can use the headphones via Voicemeeter!

Thanks for leading me down this path - SOLVED!

I had a problem when playing a score with MuseScore V4 on my Windows laptop.
When playing a single note the note was frequently produced twice, and when playing a melody some notes could be duplicated and the tempo was erratic. The fix suggested by the MuseScore support and highlighted below by Bojp (do not use exclusive mode on your audio device) solved the problem.

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