corrupting scores

• Jul 9, 2023 - 05:30

This has been happening alot to me where a score just randomly, with no warning corrupts, and nothing seems to be working. i tried downloading 7zip and stuff but whenever i try to extract i cant because "file archive cant be opened." and its frusturating loosing scores all the time with no fix, and i know the score isnt empty because it has a big kb numer, so could i get help?
(this is the error code)
Error=XML_ERROR_EMPTY_DOCUMENT ErrorID=13 (0xd) Line number=0


Unfortunately, similar cases are reported again and again.
There are several reasons for this message. Sometimes extracting the mscx file actually helps, but sometimes the file is just filled with zero bytes. Then even 7-zip can't help anymore.
Search in the hidden folder .mscbackup for an equally hidden file from a previous save state.
And always remember to make backups of important files.
If there is a chance to recover the file, then attach it here for further investigation.

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Unfortunately, there are several quite different error causes, which all lead to the same error message. Therefore, the message is not very helpful, so you have to look more closely each time to see if there is anything useful left. If you are lucky, the mscx file is ok, sometimes you can recover the score from the extracts (single mscx files) with some effort and sometimes it is unfortunately just one big file consisting of nothing but zero bytes. Or just a file with no content at all - 0 bytes in length.
The mscz file is basically a packed folder. When opened, MuseScore must first unpack this folder and then load the contents, which may again contain errors. If even 7-zip (or similar) cannot open the file, then it is (almost) always a total loss. Then only a backup helps.

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Yes, I agree with that. But first, the MuS 4 versions are still relatively 'young' and second, some things can also depend on different settings of the program.
Surely the bugs will become less from release to release, hopefully the serious ones at first, but they will not all disappear ... Simple: my experience with any kind of software.
MuS 3.6.2 has also still smaller errors.

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