Bars numbering error.

• Jul 10, 2023 - 19:03

I ran into a bars numbering problem when I added an intro bar.
The intro bar is numbered as bar 1.
Is it possible to correct the numbering so that the intro bar is numbered bar 0?


It 'Intro bar' really means 'pickup measure' or 'anacrusis' (an incomplete measure, shorter than what the time signature asks for): Rightclick into the measure, Measure properties, Exclude from measure count (replace 'measure' with 'bar' on a British setup)

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Yes, you understood me correctly!
But unfortunately, I can't open 'measure properties', as well as 'staff/part properties'.
I don't use a mouse as I use an NVDA screen reader.
When I press Application key on a measure, I don't have the 'measure property' and 'staff/part property' items in the menu.
In MuseScore 3.5.x or 3.6.x it used to be, but not now.
Also, I can't change the clef of the staff because there is no 'clef property' item in the menu on Application keypress on the clef.

Go into 'bar properties' numbers section and click on the 'ignore this bar' (when numbering) box. You can also use the 'numbering from x' to deal with repeats and Volta's.

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