MS Basic in MuseScore 4.1 not working

• Jul 13, 2023 - 15:28

So I've been importing a few scores into MuseScore 4.1. When I played them back through Muse Sounds and VSTs, the playback works fine, but as for MS Basic, Nothing! Literally, nothing happens at all!

I've attached a score just so you can test the problem.

All the notes in MS Basic aren't playing at all.

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BWV 144.mscz 35 KB


Your score plays as expected for me. But, I notice the aux send is set to something I don't have on my system, so the issue might have to do with your mixer settings. Try disabling the aux send, or setting it back to the default reverb, or making sure that whatever it is you did configure there is working properly.

If none of that helps, it's possible your MS Basic file has somehow become corrupted - perhaps something went wrong in the install process, or your hard drive might have a bad sector and need to be replaced. First be sure you don't have a n unsupported copy of that file in your own Documents/MuseScore4/SoundFonts folder - the only copy of MS Basic should safe within the application package and shouldn't be touched. Once you confirm that there isn't a copy in your own SoundFonts folder, try uninstall / reinstall of the program. If that doesn't help, try Help / Revert to factory settings (although note, you'll lose any customizations you made to your workspaces or in preferences).

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