bars copy & paste doesn't achieve same visual result

• Jul 16, 2023 - 14:19

Hi all,
In the attached score I've copied bars 40:41 into bars 42:43.
While the original bars fit in one system after changing their segment's leading space to -0.60, bars 42:43 keep on staying on two different systems even though their segment's leading space is the same as in the original two bars.
Even after changing the leading space to a much higher negative value, bars 42:43 carry on staing in two different systems.
I'm using MuS V3.
All advises are very welcome.

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Copy and Paste didn't copy all the Leading settings, nor stretch/compress. When a bar is at the limit of what it can take in terms of sheer number of notes, it doesn't take mush to send it over to the next line as each change results in a recalculation and redrawing of the score.

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Try this:
1. F6 for Selection Filter
2. In the Selection Filter choose None then Voice 1 (your 16th notes are in Voice 1)
3. On your score select the measures you need to reset
4. In the Inspector choose the Notes button at the foot of the panel
5. In the Inspector set the Leading Space as you want
6. In the Selection Filter set the choice back to All

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Thanks DanielR.
That's exactly what I do every time I need to "compress" a bit in order to get measures in the same system, the only fact is that in this instance it doesn't seem to work with me.
What I would like to know is what UNDERQUARK did different from that, if he did of course.

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