Chord Symbols (MScore 2.0): modifications to 'German Style' possible with some xml coding....?

• Oct 4, 2014 - 10:37

Is it maybe possible to modify the rendering of chord symbols for "German Style" by editing an xml-file or the like? I want to use the typical German "H" (instead of B), but I still want to keep...

1. ...keep "C#" (instead of "Cis", which actually is quite wide spread in Germany).
2. ...keep the bass notes of a slash chord in capital letters (i.e. H/D# instead of H/dis or H/d#).
3. ...keep "Bb" for B-flat (instead the common German "B", to avoid confusions here)

Further on, I wonder if some other uncommonness might be possible to implement for me (maybe with a few lines xml-editing), which in particular would be

4. render "j7" (with superscript "j") instead of "maj7".

5. render a "/" (slash) in superscript if followed by a digit (i.e. to allow Chord-Names like C7/9 - even though C9 would be more common here), but to keep the "/" (slash) as normal non-superscript if followed by a letter (i.e. to add an alternate bass to the Chord - maybe /E as third bass for the C9 example above)

6. render German "H" (for international "B") in chord names, but however also accept "B" and render it as B for the same chord. This would be conveniant to me, because it allows me to produce leadsheets for rather non-German musicians without always switch the preferences.

So my questions is: it possible ot modify? If yes, how....?

Thank you for your support!
Kind regards, nic.


It should be mostly possible by editing the XML file you are using - either chords_std.xml or chords_jazz.xml normally, int he styles folder. If you open ieither in a text editor, you'll see instructions on how to get sharp and flat. Getting the superscript "j" should be possible too; look at how chords_jazz does things to get an idea.

The slash part I'm not so sure about. I remember putting in special handling to allow 6/9, but I don't know about other combinations. Seems it should actually work, but I'm not at my computer right now to check.

Good luck, and feel free to ask questions once you get started!

I am back at my computer and just tried entering C7/9. it is *recognized* just fine, and it *renders* fine in the "Standard" style. But in the "jazz" style, it does indeed look funny. That would be an easy fix by editing the XML file - just reproduce what you see done for the 6/9 chord.

You should also be able to get the bass notes to render as capital by redefining the lower case letters A-H in that file.

Regarding Bb versus B, this has been an ongoing debate. I'm still waiting for some sort of consensus to emerge and a clearly stated issue with agreed-upon recommendations before making further changes. But see for instance *Currently* (latest nightly builds), what Americans call "B" and "Bb" render as "H" and as "Bb". Which is to say, I think your #3 is *already* true, is it not?

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