playback tuning

• Jul 19, 2023 - 10:18

Hello everyone, hoping someone can help me here. I have just updated to musescore 4.1 (using the basic version) and I have noticed that the playback tuning (when composing) is a tone flat. Is there any way to correct this? Many thanks, Kay


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Probably your audio device is configured for 44.1 kHz when your system expects 48, or vice versa. Find the audio device settings in your OS and change it from whichever it is, to the other.

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thanks Marc, I appreciate you looking this up. I have a pc with windows 10 and not a mac but I will look up the equivalent support guide for this now I know what to look for.
Just have and my computer has all the most up to date drivers and I still can't find what you referred to. Sadly I am going to have to go back to using version 3. It has only been since updating to 4.1 that the tuning became an issue and I really can't work with it. really appreciate you taking the trouble to answer though so thank you.

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