Accordion Bellow (pull & push) markings

• Jul 21, 2023 - 11:41

In the palette there are push & pull bellow markings for the accordion which is great. Bellow markings are generally placed slightly above the stave at the beginning of the bar, but when I insert the bellow markings they always "land" on the stave itself very close to the selected note. I have to manually rearrange every mark to its correct place. Is this a bug? or is there any way around this?

Thank you


As far as I can see, there is no possibility of changing the default positioning of Accordion marks.

The obvious place to store and change such settings would under a new menu option Format > Style... > Accordion. Look at some other examples which do already provide tailoring of the default layout:
Format > Style... > Articulations, Ornaments
Format > Style... > Chord Symbols

If you can gather a consensus about exactly what properties and default settings are needed for Accordion marks, it is definitely worth creating a Feature Request on Github:

Note: if you don't already have a Github account, you will need to create a (free) account before you try to create a Feature Request.

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