Playback is correct in MS4 source file, but distorted on upload to

• Jul 21, 2023 - 21:57

I uploaded a complete orchestrated choral score (created in MS3) to the MS4 platform, and reset the audio to the improved MS4 soundfonts. After a few adjustments, things sounded great within the MS4 program playback (I cannot attach the source file because it exceeds the 4MB limit). I was able to generate a perfectly acceptable MP3 file with it (also too big to attach here). I was so happy!

However, upon upload to the "cloud" and playing it from, the sound becomes completely distorted. Individual notes are sustained indefinitely, rendering the playback unbearable to listen to within the first couple of pages. Furthermore, the piano reduction for the orchestration, which was muted at the time of upload, can be heard prominently. There is also heavy accenting of notes that I don't hear within the MS4 program playback.

Here is a link to the cloud-uploaded piece:

For what it's worth, I think part of the note-sustaining issue may be due to my frequent use of the "fade out" articulation. I use this extensively in my MS3 transcriptions (usually in hidden form) to provide a subtle emphasis to various notes (accent articulations are usually too strong-sounding), thus improving the audio quality. It seems to me that the erroneous sustaining problem starts on notes where those fade-out articulations (hidden or not) are found, although it does not occur with every note articulated that way.

At any rate, I must continue using MS3 until such time as I can consistently achieve correct playback on with MS4 source files. Not quite there yet; I'll wait for the next release to try again....


Your link doesn't work. I have seen posts about distorted sound on the website from MU4.
You don't have to post the entire score. Just a few pages. Please post the MU4 version with Muse Sounds. As you found out, MU4 with MuseSounds won't read fade out articulations. Or altered dynamics. Hairpins must have a dynamic at the end.
I don't post to .com, but I just did as an experiment and someone tested it. It was fine.

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Thank you for getting back to me. I see that I had my score set to "private", so I changed that to "unlisted", and here is the new link:

I've also attached the MS4 file with just the first few pages. And also, in case it's of any use, here is a link to the mp3 file I created from the MS4 program on my computer:…

As you will hear, that sounds fine. As to the fade out articulations, in the audio file I think I can hear a difference in the notes where they have been applied, but perhaps it's just my imagination.

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