Bottom 4 staves are partially blacked out and inaccessible

• Jul 27, 2023 - 16:54

Good day,
For some reason, in ‘Page View’, the bottom 4 staves of my score are now partially blacked out, as can be seen clearly in the attached jpeg file. I was working on the score last night and was fiddling around with the zoom settings at the lower right. After that, the bottom 4 staves became obscured; I can’t even click on those staves to select anything.

The weird thing is, ‘Continuous View’ (both horizontal & vertical) still works normally. I even tried exporting the file as an xml file and reimporting it back into MS4 … no dice, it stayed partially blacked out. I should add that my other scores are all fine.

Any thoughts on what’s happened here, and how to correct it?

~ Thx, Kevin J.

Ps: I’ve attached a shortened version of the file in case anyone has time to open it and see if it exhibits the same behavior on your system.

Attachment Size
MS4, page cut off.JPG 60.59 KB
Untitled test file1.mscz 19.09 KB


Fyi, I figured it out. I didn't realize that for a large score, you may need to reduce the setting for 'Staff Spacing' in order to see the entire score in 'Page View'.

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