Automatic accompaniment plugin which takes Musescore orchestral full score, listens to the player playing solo part and produce accompaniment following the user

• Jul 31, 2023 - 22:46

Is there an automatic accompaniment plugin which:
* takes in a Musescore orchestral full score
* let the player mark the instructment that she will play (for example the solo part in a concerto)
* listen to the player's performance using either microphone or midi input (preferably former)
* automatically accompanies the player according to the musescore orchestral full score, and the user's instrument, detecting any changes in tempo of the users etc etc etc?

This plugin would be immensely useful for any instrumental, and even vocal musicians! You know it is often hard to find accompanists or orchestras to accompany you!


It is not very clear or maybe you want software that also makes coffee for you... When you load an orchestra full score you can mute the instrument you are going to play along Musescore in the mixer... this is something everybody does

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