Lost file, won’t open

• Aug 3, 2023 - 02:02

I recently edited a score, saved it, but then when I went back to edit it, it was gone. I believe I found it in the hidden folder, yet it won’t let me open it in musescore. It does have the same name as previous versions of the score except it is .mscz~
Not sure if the ~ is affecting it but when I remove it it opens the older version of the score. Pls help!


MuseScore backup files usually have a prefix (.) and a suffix (,) - in your case the suffix looks to be a tilde (~) .

Copy this backup file to another folder and try renaming it by removing the final character (~) and removing any leading full stop (period). Then (if necessary) you can post here again and attach the file if it doesn't open for you.

" it opens the older version of the score"
Yes, that's the nature of a backup file. It won't always be fully up to date, but it's usually better than losing the entire score.

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