Formatting several instruments as one percussion part

• Aug 24, 2023 - 03:16


I am working on a composition project for a specific ensemble that has specific requests regarding its scoring/engraving for percussion parts, and I do not know if Musescore is able to create the formatting that they seek -- sample formatting is attached. They have two percussionists who each play multiple instruments: one plays vibraphone and "wood slats", while the other plays marimba, toms, and bongo (they each also allow for two of any other "junk objects" that I might desire them to play/hit, but that is really neither here nor there). So I have to put the instruments on separate staffs but under the same part, preferably in a way that also allows for the particular notation for each object/drum...I do not know if this level of customization is possible. I suspect not, but any guidance is appreciated.


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