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• Sep 5, 2023 - 12:28

Hi Peoples,
please - has anyone found the "import from .pdf" option to be successful?
... a 37 bar piece as simple SATB imports with so many errors it is of little use.
Any pointers as to enable correct transcription? Thank you.

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The import from PDF, the optical music recognition, does not work perfectly. Although your PDF has a quite good quality, some things are not recognized. Sometimes it is faster to write the score by hand than to correct such errors.

There is a standalone, free program called 'Audiveris' (which is also used by MuseScore as a cloud service - as far as I know). I have edited your PDF using my local Audiveris program. The result seems to be better, but it generates errors on other measures. There is a possibility to correct errors already there; unfortunately the program is not easy to use.

There are also commercial programs. Maybe these are a bit better, but certainly not perfect either. I have never used one.

Attached is the raw mxl file as output by Audiveris. It can be opened in MuseScore, but still needs some rework.

To all those who think that optical music recognition (OMR) does not do a good job, here is the anthem in MuseScore 3 format, complete with lyrics.

I have made no corrections to the generated MusicXML, and in MuseScore I added only Title and Composer. The voice parts still play as Piano, so they need to be reset. I also did Ctrl+A then Ctrl+R, to reset the formatting. That's all.

And this was achieved with a very old Windows commercial OMR program with a DOS-like interface - SharpEye (now part of Neuratron/Photoscore).. Here's a link to SharpEye's ancient web page:

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