Tonic Sol-fa

• Sep 13, 2023 - 14:47

Is there a way to add Tonic Sol-fa notation to a Staff notation copy?
In Wales many choristers 50+ learned Sol-fa in school, thus doing so with a Tablature board thus many gaining perfect pitch, hence the Welsh tradition of singing.


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OP specifically asks to ADD sol-fa names - not all choir members are over 50! I am, and had sol-fa drummed into me in primary school in Scotland. I well remember staff music with sol-fa letters added.

This thread here is several years old but should be helpful: . It includes an example but without the lyrics:…

The option with sol-fa in the notehead is a possibility but with my ageing eyesight I find it less clear than the original combined method, and quite hard to read.

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Thank you for sharing the alternative notaiton method, I didn't know about it but it makes sense - the primitive plaintext quick jotting (can't wait for musescore to load up) method I've been using on my own's very much similar, but I use numbers and apostrophes coz it's intuitive to find them keys on a computer keybaord.

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