Incorrect note duration

• Oct 3, 2023 - 18:40

I have an issue where MuseScore playback is playing incorrect note durations, although the note durations are entered correctly in the score.

In the attached MS4 file, there is a portion where two soprano voices (Matilde & Berenguela) are singing a sort of round, with one part echoing the other. The playback is accurate for Matilde (see Measures 124, 128, 196, and 200), but wrong for Berenguela (see Measures 126, 130, 198, & 202). The first note of the measure in every case should be a 1/8 note, but for Berenguela's part it is being played as a 1/4 note. This happens even when I copy and paste Matilde's notes to the echo by Berguela. This also occurs when I export an MP3 file from the score.

This error does NOT occur in the MS3 version of the same piece.

I'm at a loss as to why this is happening. Please help!



That seems to be a Muse Sounds problem. You use Clarinet sounds and both don’t play the exact rhythm but the E♭ clarinet (Berenguela) is especially wrong.

There seems to be some kind of sound glitch on the D5 before measure 126 in the Eb clarinet sound. I'm not sure why you are using Eb clarinet. If you want a slightly different sound, why not use a sax instead.

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Ah yes, what instrument do you use to try to capture a single human voice? The MS4 choral voices, while pretty, do not work for this purpose, nor has MuseScore 4 yet created a solo voice for such use. So one must choose an instrument of some sort. Whether it's a flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, or other instrumental voice(s) is a matter of personal preference. I agree a sax might work here.

But no matter what instrument is ultimately selected, an eighth note should consistently play as an eighth note, wouldn't you agree? And given that elsewhere in this operatic duet, the eighth notes are played correctly, even in the same part with the same instrument that is malfunctioning in these measures, it seems to me to that there is possibility of a "sound glitch" bug that could apply to any instrument selected, including a sax.

So bottom line, I thought perhaps this might be something that the MuseScore programmers should be informed about so they have opportunity to either fix the bug, or tell me what I'm doing wrongly to create such a glitch.

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I tried a few instruments and they worked. But that doesn't mean there isn't a problem. I don't know how to report problems on GitHub. Except to say that is where it needs to be done. There seems to be a problem with that instrument and particular note sequence. Change the D5 in the measure before to any other pitch and the next measure plays properly. Even with the Eb clarinet.

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I noticed the same for MuseSounds Oboe from F5 to C5, where it plays the C about a sixteenth note late (on eights at quarter=66, so not exactly fast). I took a 64th off the F (entered it as a 16th tied to a dotted 32nd) in order to get the descending C5 to play at the right time.

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"I don't know how to report problems on GitHub."

  1. Go to the MuseScore Issues page on Github:
  2. If you don't already have a Github account, create your free Github account with the Sign Up button at top right on the Github webpage.
  3. Click the New Issue button on the Issues page, and then click the Get Started button for one option:
    Bug report or Feature request or Muse Hub issue
  4. Finally provide the required information under the various headings.

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