musescore 4 all sounds/instruments (including metronome) broken

• Oct 14, 2023 - 06:07

im on ver 4.1.1 and all the sounds are super high pitched, the tempo is super wonky, speeding up and slowing down. ive done a factory reset, uninstalled and reinstalled (twice) and updated my sound drivers. i have no idea what to do. all the instruments do the same thing too, so im just lost. is there anything else i can do? this is a video i took of it, and it was supposed to be the piano. (edit: just fixed it, my headphones were at 96khz, and i had to disable a program to get it back to 48khz and the sound went back to normal.)


I have read that almost no one can hear the difference between 44 and 48kh let alone 96. So why not just go with 44.1 which is easier on the system? Is there a reason for higher hz?


I am having the same issue, and have done everything you did to try to get it fixed, I do not know what program is causing this issue like you, I don't know if you will respond but I need this issue fixed please, thank you.

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