How to get more system spacing for more text?

• Oct 27, 2023 - 16:38

I have
I want to add more text under each line, or add Roman numerals eg [ I (C E G)] above the chord symbols [C].
If I simply Add Text Roman numerals, it places the symbol I in the middle of the chord symbols of the staff below the one I am editing.

I read in
that to use system spacing if I want to increase spacing between systems so that I can add more text to each line.
I have tried Format > Style > Page, Enable vertical justification is checked, and changed min system distance from 8.5 to 50 and max system distance from 32 to 50. But the score on the screen does not change at all.
I have Continuous view Vertical.

How do I increase the spacing?
Thank you.


> I have Continuous view Vertical.
I'dont use 4.x but In 3.6.2. these settings are without an effect in single page view (comparable with continuous view vertical in 4.x). Switch to page view and try also some other distance modifications in Format/Style/Page, e.g. 'Max page fill distance'.

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If you're in continuous view, there is by definition only a single system. Maybe you mean, you want more space between staves? That's controlled by staff spacing, not system spacing, and it works just fine in continuous view. But also,. MuseScore should be adding more space as needed automatically. So I'm not sure exactly what's going on in your case. Best to attach the score so we can understand and assist better.

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