Mute voices in Mixer

• Nov 9, 2023 - 11:01

In Musescore 3 you had the possibility to mute voices of one system in playback. It seems that this feature doesn't exist in Musescore 4 anymore?


In MS3 you could indeed use the Mixer to split Voices into separate channels. I use this all the time to create practice files where one voice (e.g. Alto, Voice 2 in the upper stave) is emphasized, while other voices (Soprano. Tenor, Bass) are quieter. This technique relies on the hidden S/A and T/B stave text elements in the MS3 Text palette:
MS3_separate_handling for Voices_in_Mixer.png

But in MS4, the feature is not available, and the hidden S/A and T/B stave texts have even been removed from the Text palette. Hence I remain one of those diehards who has refused to move from MS3 - because my daily workflow relies on this important feature which was removed from MS4 !

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