Scanned music has extra, grayed out rests

• Nov 22, 2023 - 21:37

I have a scanned piece of music (MusicXML) that when opened with MuseScore it contains several grayed out eighth rests that completely screw up the piece. I cannot isolate and delete these rests. Has this happened? How to fix? Many thanks for all your insights.

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When I open your mscz in Ms4 (I don't have 3), every measure has extra beats. The xml. has only a few per page. Hard to tell what to fix without the original score.

The MusicXML file produced by Sheet Music Scanner for iOS contains hundreds of errors where the specified note type and duration do not match. I suggest you report the issue to the supplier. I can provide the technical details to you but I have no relation with your supplier.

I see that Notepad and Sibelius did the same thing. They both tried to figure out the problems and did not flag things like the extra notes in places like measure 5. I suspect the last three notes in the top part are supposed to be a triplet.

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