Individual parts for different voices of one staff for MuseScore 4

• Nov 29, 2023 - 17:39

I have soprano and alto parts on one staff. I want to export each voice separately in .mp3. But when I create individuals parts for each voice by hiding another, I still hear both voices.
In MuseScore 3, it is possible to create a part for just one voice of a specific instrument, which then can be exported in audio file.
Please, bring back this feature in MuseScore 4.


Doable but messy.
Create a second vocal staff (call it alto). Copy the original vocal staff into it. Select an alto ( voice 2 ?) note in the top staff. Right click>Select>more. Check "same voice" and "same staff". Delete.
In the alto staff you added, select a soprano note. follow the same process to delete the soprano notes.

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