Free version of MuseScore

• Dec 7, 2023 - 21:16

I have students who cannot download MuseScore for free from

I have had it for free for years and I do not get charged for it. One of them says that the redirect always goes back to the Muse.hub page and cannot download without giving up credit card info - always goes to the App store.

Anyone have a solution to this? Thanks-


MuseScore is indeed free. Even with the Hub. From the download page, it is possible to download MU4 without the Hub. You only need the hub for the new sounds, which are also free. You can also download older versions of MuseScore.

So my student today is trying to download to a Mac. I also mentioned as opposed to and he said it always takes him to the app store through the .org and always says its a 7day trial and asks for credit card info. Maybe the redirect in is incorrect? I have tried directing him via phone to help out but he always ends up in the same place. It's a mystery.

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