Muse Sound Choir volume too low

• Dec 21, 2023 - 16:29

I love using MuseScore for our choir music. I have found several forum topics about this volume issue but could not fine any resolutions other than don't use them and use MS Basic sounds instead. Did I miss any other resolutions? I was hoping that Musescore 4.2 would have fixed the problem. Even if I turn the volume to max, you can't hear the parts very well. Is this still an open issue that is being worked on? Thank you!


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Thank you Daniel for the reply. When these sounds first came out they sounded wonderful, much better than the MuseScore Basic. I found the thread you linked as well as many others on this issue. I was wondering if there are plans or planned timeline to fix this or to just abandon Muse Sounds for Chior. Thank you.

I have also such problem with the sound of a charley in the drum pist.....when I need a louder son in my play back, I double this stave , and , in the 2nd , I only keep the charley...............try this with your Choir

Still an issue for me in April 2024 - choir volume using the otherwise beautiful musesounds is so low to be almost unusable even with faders up full. Frustrating...

Yes, this is just one of many big unresolved issues with what was touted as the vastly-improved quality of the soundfonts in Version 4, and despite what some users have claimed, it isn't fixable by adjusting levels in the mixer. The attached screenshot shows the almost nonexistent frequency profile of a piece I recently notated, when played back using the feeble Muse Choir fonts -- with the mixer levels cranked up to 10! (The notated dynamic was forte.) There wasn't even enough core tone there to boost into an audible range using Audacity's "Amplify" function.
Another really irritating thing about the Muse Choir fonts is the ridiculous way they change their whole style and character just going from mf to f. At mf they have a fairly normal, even somewhat relaxed quality, but at f the tone becomes forced, aggressive, and angry. At ff the effect is more shouting than singing -- totally unusable!

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