Clearing the 'File > Open recent' -menu?

• Jan 4, 2024 - 13:41

Has there been any other way to clear the excessively long recent menu, other than manually:
delete file: recent_files.json

The menu can only fit about 50 names - which fills up really easily.


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There is a scroll arrow at the bottom of the menu (in the center) that you can hover the mouse over in order to continue moving down the list. This way you can get to the "Clear recent" item. Also try this: once the mouse is over the "Open recent" menu item and the submenu appears, press UP arrow once and then RETURN (but not ENTER in the numeric keypad - it won't work). Pressing UP once selects the "Clear recent" menu item (although the menu does not scroll to bring it into view - go figure!) and then RETURN executes it.

The menu option File > Open recent > Clear recent files is a clumsy and non-intuitive way to work, because the sub-option Clear recent files is invisible until you get right to the end of the recent files list.

But see this "in progress" feature request on Github:
Allow removing individual files from Recent Scores list

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I'm surprised to read this.
Who needs 50 or more files in a list called "Recent files"? It should only allow quick access to the last edited files! 50 or more certainly no longer belong in this category and the advantage of the overview is gone.
Other programs limit this to 10 or 20 (20 in MuS 3), optionally configurable.
In my opinion, the purpose of this list has been misunderstood if all (?) previously opened files are listed.

Yes, an additional option "remove individual files from the list of recent scores" would certainly be useful.

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