Show copyright but suppress all other footer info on page 1

• Jan 6, 2024 - 03:52

Good evening,

First a very happy new year to all MuseScore enthusiasts! I have been using MuseScore since almost day 1 and I am very honoured to be a part of this community. Many of your forum questions and answers have helped me grow and develop as a writer and have helped me solve many problems.

My question is now this: I want to display the copyright message in the footer of the first page of an arrangment. On all subsequent pages I want the :workTitle: and page number displayed. I know there is a way to only display the copyright on the first page ($C), is there a way to display other footer information on all odd pages but the first?

I have attached my current header/footer settings. The circled part I want to appear on all the odd pages except the first. I've tried to make it invisible on the first page, but that makes it invisible on all the odd pages.



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Select the first note in the first system on page 2 and insert a text frame. It should appear at the foot of the previous page - page 1. If not you may need to fiddle with adding page breaks. Type the copyright information into the text frame. Untick Show on first page in the footer style dialogue.

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