trumpet lag

• Jan 8, 2024 - 13:29

On the last two pages of this composition the trumpet "lags" that is, it keeps playing a previous note into the next measure. It doesn't happen if all of the previous measures are deleted.


Something isn't right in this score. If I remove the ties in the trumpet part in the last four measures, it plays without holding the notes. If I C+P the last four measures of the score into a new score, it plays correctly. So it is something before that.
Odd things happen, sometimes. I once saw a score where the tuba part did the same thing your trumpet is doing. A few random notes were being held too long. Turns out that about 20 bars earlier there was a Pizz marking in the tuba part. Nothing changed until 20 bars later. Pretty odd. If I get time, I'll keep looking.

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