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• Jan 9, 2024 - 20:06

I am trying to select a range of parts to print so that I don't have to print the whole orchestral score. The manual says, It's easy to select one part, but I can't select a range.

"You can also select specific parts to open at once. Do this by holding Control (Mac: ⌘) while selecting the parts you’d like to open, then click Open selected. You can also select a range of contiguous parts by clicking the first and holding Shift while clicking the last."

In the example I am sending, suppose I want to select only the woodwinds. I have tried selecting the Flute and holding the shift key on the bassoon to select only the woodwinds. I then click on "Open selected," but only the bassoon part shows up. What am I doing wrong?

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Have you tried File ?Export, make sure that PDF is the format and tick the boxes for the parts that you want to export? Then print from the PDF files.

Don't confuse "opening" a part with exporting it. Go ahead and open all parts. Then after applying whatever formatting you like to whatever parts you like, go to File / Export and select the parts you actually want to print.

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Marc: I can get the pdf to include one part very easily by doing as you say. I am trying to print the voice parts only, SATB. When I tried File/Export and then select the parts, it still only shows one part, the last part that I selected, instead of all four parts. I suppose I could select the four parts I want from the full orchestral score, save them, and start a new file by pasting those parts into the new file, but that seems to be quite a long way to do this. I think I am making a basic mistake, but can't figure it out. What might I try next?

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Oh, I think I understand now, you don't want separate parts for the four voices (which is what happens when you do what you describe doing), you want them combined into a single part, but without the accompaniment. To do that, go to the Parts dialog and create a new part, then use the Instruments panel to add the voices you want to that part. Then in File / Export, select that part.

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Marc: One more thing. When I go to File/Export and select the Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass, and select a PDF file, it gives me the option of "Each part to a separate file" or "All parts combined in one file". When I click on the "Each part..." it only gives me one part instead of the four that I want.

You wrote:
In the example I am sending, suppose I want to select only the woodwinds.

Okay, so (in the toolbar) click on 'Parts', then follow these steps:

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To all of you who took the time to help me with this issue, I say a sincere thanks. It took a lot of work on your part to do that. Musecore community people are THE BEST. I've talked to people who use Finale and Sibelius. Those organizations are not nearly as responsive as you guys.

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