Music and line in screen and sound do not match

• Jan 15, 2024 - 20:54

Music and line in screen and sound do not match. Even when stopping and playing again at another position it doesn't help. It keeps on palying another section than is shown in the screen and the blue line.
Who has any ideas?


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So my observation has been the the bigger fast computer.....the less problems I've had. I observed that problem on my Dell I7-7700 2 core, 4 thread 16GB RAM, all the time. Not on my TridgeKey / 5800H 32GB RAM, 8Core 16 Thread, video 2GB 8 GPU. So that would say to me the minimum spec is maybe not so minimum. Best of luck.

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Even with older computer, you shouldn't be having problems like you describe. Mine are all older and have very low-end processors but play your score just fine. Probably something else is going on, like an conflict with some other program running at the same time, or an issue with your soundcard settings that needs to be resolved. Can you post a screen recording so we can see/hear how your players for you?

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I've made 3 files. One from Musescore 3, one fron Musescore 4 MS Basic and one from Musescore 4 Muse Sounds.

In the file MS Basic there is a distinguished difference in volume, because there are no Muse Sounds choices for the mezzo-soprano, bariton and organ. The main difference between MS3 and MS4 for the organ is the stop at every chance of chord before every new bar.

In the MP3 files you can hear it the way I hear it, but I can't upload them here

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I can see and hear the video, although an actual screen recording would be far better than a phone video. There are free screen utilities, definitely worth installing. Anyhow, the phone recording has pretty bad quality so it's difficult to tell anything much at all. But, at exactly which point in which video should I be looking and listening more carefully in order to perceive some sort of problem, and what specifically should I be looking and listening for?

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Let's try these versions. Are they better?

First the first note in this recording from MS4 has a small delay, but that was the recording.
You can here that at the end of the notes there seems to be an inbuilt silence that wasn't there with MS3. Like it is starting every note new. Further more is there a difference in volume because of the sounds from MS Basic and Muse Sound. You can here that the notes have a tendensy to drift and get out of tune. The trumpet is playing somewhere back in presbetary.

In some occasions the trumpet hackles like in the other recording. In this recording it is fine, but I can't figure out what causes it. The voices have a lack in the pitch when starting to sing, like tuning up to the right note.

If you compaire the dynamics in both recordings, you will understand the other problem. A lot seems to be disappeared.

I can also use another peice of music, but here it is time for bed
Thanx for the time you are taking for this


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Again, can you please say specifically what we should be looking at and listening for. I mean as specific as "at 3.07, pay attention to the G in the oboe part and notice that it cuts off early / is too loud / is flat".

But I'm also confused, because nothing you just wrote seems even slightly related to your original post, in which you were talking about a measure being played totally different from the one shown, or something like that.

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What is tried to refer at was the playback sound. I realise that I simply can't make it clear what I mean. It's about how the score sounds on playback. It's something specific technical.
I've looked how playback is in other notationprogramms and I have decided to switch over to Dorico. It gives me multiple options on instruments and soundbuilding.
Thanks again for your time and effort

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