Musescore in Microsoft Store

• Jan 18, 2024 - 08:09

I remember it was possible to install Musescore 3.2 or 3.3 from Microsoft Store without admin rights on a computer. With Musescore 4 it isn't possible.
We have a school community with hundreds of pupils with personal computers. They don't have admin rights, and we have a filter that ought to hide all applications in Microsoft Store that the pupils are not allowed to download and install. Both Musescore 3 and Musescore 4 (the latter without the "4") appear in the Store. But after downloading, the installing process asks for admin credentials. This wasn't needed in Musescore 3.
What's going on here? Is this something that our local ICT admins have missed and Musescore 4 should, according to their standards, never appear among downloadable apps?


Experienced the same problem. App installation in Microsoft Store shouldn't prompt for admin credentials, so users who don't admin rights can also install apps.
Will this issue be rectified?

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