MuseScore crash

• Jan 21, 2024 - 13:57

When I hit accidently hit ENTER instead of esc to unmark iserted text, MuseScore crashes. Every time!

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Revision eb8d33c
Windows 11 Home
Version 23H2
OS version 22631.3007
It happened when I tried to change the tempo and hit the ENTER key by mistake. MS then stopped responding. I waited for at least five minutes before I gave up. I wasn't able to save the file so I rewrote the score and saved it without making the same mistake again.

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OK, I've added a tempo text 120 to the score. Now I want to change the tempo to 124, so I place the cursor next to the "0" and change it to a "4". So far so good. When I hit esc the tempo is changed. But if I accidently hit ENTER instead of esc, MuseScore stops responding. The same problem occurs when I try to make changes to the composer or to the song title.
I have attached another file "Skänklåt från Dala-Järna". When I try to mark the song title, MS stops responding.
The problems occured after the latest MS4.0 update. Please note that "En liten konstnär" is written after the latest update and "Skänklåt från Dala-Järna" before the latest update.

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I don't understand! This must be one of the weirdest days in my life and I have lived for 78 years so far! I got an idea....there is a function in Windows that allowes you to record the screen. My intetion was to visualize the problem. When I record the screen, MS behaves that it's supposed to. But when I stop recording the problem is back. I just don't understand!

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It works just fine on my Win10 laptop.
Ran a compatibility check without result.
Reinstalled 4.2 without MuseHub, but no success.
MS 4.02 worked, so I tried to find an installation file. Did not!
Unfortunately there is no backward compatibility fron MS4 to MS3. Pity, because MS3 works just fine.
The only thing I can think of is that there is a Win background process that conflicts with MS4.2

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OK, I've downloaded and installed MS4.0.2. I still have the same problem.
So, my conclusion is that this problem is not MS related. So I still have a few ideas that i might test.
- Windows problem
- Windows update problem
- Bios problem
- HW problem.
I don't think the problem is Windows related because then lots of MS users should share my problem.

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