viewing two copies of a document

• Jan 26, 2024 - 16:16

Can someone provide a step-by-step procedure to achieve in MU4.2 what View side-by-side does in MU3.6 in windows 11? I've tried everything I can think of with Alt Tab. If I do succeed in opening a second copy of the file I am working on, the first copy disappears. The thread I looked at did not suffice for me.


If you literally mean two copies of the file, this should be as simple as opening them both up. This will open each copy in its own window, and Alt+Tab will quickly flip back and forth between them as it always does between open applications. If you mean, two views of the same file, that's not currently supported.

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Thanks. I want to be able to look at an earlier part of the score I am working on and copy from it to a later part, which I gather others have wanted to do also. I seem to have succeeded, by getting two copies of MU running, each with its own copy, one from the shortcut icon at the bottom of my screen, which takes one click, and one from the icon at the left of my screen, which takes two clicks. (Sorry, I don't know the proper terminology.) When I tried to get two copies from the shortcut icon, MU seemed to know what I was up to and wouldn't let me. I don't dare experiment further now, since I have no confidence that I could succeed again. In fact, I don't know what's going to happen when I close the file (or files).

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The score shows the instruments. Adding a new part doesn't add any new instruments, just a new tab within which you can then show the existing instruments.

And yes, I realize there is a request that MU4 eventually support a split screen view. I support that request I'm just trying to help people find solutions that allow them to take advantage of the incredible improvements in MU4 today. What I suggest really does work extremely well.

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As far as I understand, in MS 4.x, a new instance is opened for each file opened. If you have two files of the same music, preferably with some indication in the file name, e.g. file xyz_old and xyz_new, you can double click each of them and both will be opened. It will not be in tab or split view but you can have them side by side, e.g. on two screens. I've never tried, but I assume you can copy and paste from one to the other.

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Thanks. Also clever. Next time I might try it. I think the result would be like what I am doing now with the advantage of only one MU running and the disadvantage of extra need for version control, which I have a big problem with already. My ossified eyes don't do well with a second monitor, not to mention that I have problems controlling the images on them, but fortunately that's not necessary, and yes, you can copy and paste from one to the other.

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