Instrument playback stops at a certain measure consistently - plays OK up to that point

• Jan 28, 2024 - 20:14

I have attached a score that is a work in progress. At measure 43, playback stops. Everything plays OK right up to measure 43, but as soon as the cursor gets to measure 43, the computer goes completely silent.

When I individually select a note or a chord symbol, I hear sound throughout the score - whether I am on any measure before or after measure 43.

I cannot see anything different between measure 42 and measure 43. If I start on measure 42, I hear playback for measure 42 and as soon as the cursor hits measure 43, it goes silent. If I start at the beginning, the same things happens at measure 43 - total silence.

I have run the repair tool but it find no file corruption issues.




Preliminary Findings are that there is something wrong with part two. Might have something to do with not using a Grand staff to write the piano part. Notes in part 2 seem mostly to be voice 2 with hidden voice 1 rests. I tried fixing some minor things that made no difference. Like the two one beat measures and the number 1 ,( a repeat numeral in measure 71.
Anyway, I deleted part two and the piece played past 43.
Perhaps try copying part two from the repeat to the end into a different score. Delete that section from the score. Then copy it back in. If that doesn't work, the problem might be before the repeat.

Good luck.

This file was initially imported from musicxml, right? Can you provide that musicxml file? If that file is correct, it means something wrong with Musescore import.

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You got it! I scanned the score with an app that produces a musicxml file and then imported that into Musescore. That's where the oddities with the voices came into the picture. My source for the scan isn't very good and that's likely the cause of most of my problems. I would have saved time by just entering everything manually from scratch.

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