"file has become corrupt and cannot be saved", MS finds an extra quarter note in a measure

• Feb 2, 2024 - 00:33

And it isn't viisble to the user, that measure looks identical to all others.
Drumset, stave 2, bar 190
Cutting and pasting the whole measure fixes it.

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I'll check later if it's still happening on that one, but it's happening in this different score I'm working on
Incomplete bar: Full score, bar 24, stave 3. Found: 7/8. Expected: 2/4.
And this time there IS something weird going on: the affected bar is completely filled by the default rest, and it ADDITIONALLY contains the notes it's supposed to. Though, it also behaved very differently than the other times when I tried to edit it, so I think it might be a separate issue.

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Those are ones I did on purpose, so Musescore "knows" it's "supposed" to be like that. The one giving error is one that somehow got changed after I inputted perfectly normal content in it (it was supposed to be like the other wind instruments above and below it, so something ate up the first eight note and replaced it with a 2/4 rest)

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> and it ADDITIONALLY contains the notes it's supposed to.
Are you sure?
I only found three eighths in a 2/4 bar. I'm missing an eighth note or rest.
Has an eighth-note rest mutated into a whole rest there? Pure conjecture ...

If something similar happens to you again, it would be interesting to know what exactly you did to cause it.

By the way: shouldn't the sixteenth notes in bar 56 perhaps be a sextuplet? This bar is also 5/8 long and not 2/4. This is not reported because it is the same length for all instruments, while in bar 24 it only affects the alto saxophone.
And I assume that the different lengths of bars 59 to 61 is due to the note "Free Time".

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It's an eight-note note that has been somehow turned into a half-note rest. It was supposed to be harmonised with the other winds in that same spot.
The measures at the end are yet to be rewritten and aren't the point of this post (as the problem wasn't on those, and I had the same problem on another score, the first I attached, that had no irregular measures), they're supposed to give a general idea of one possible variation on a slow theme. I made the "free time" line commence later, because the rhythm section is still slowing to a halt in that moment, but I still have to find a good way to communicate all of that

And I can't know what caused it because any time it happens, it happens on something I've done quite a lot of actions ago, and in the first attached score it happened on bars that had been treated identically to other, non-problematic bars.

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The first eight note (the one that became a half note rest) was written in, the run that comes after is exploded from the trumpet staff. Since I had already done the latter, I had to manually write the first eight note in each staff because the explode tool always affects whole measures.

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Ok, I misinterpreted it. In a 2/4 there is of course a rest of two beats (half note length), but shown as a whole rest. I wrote a half rest in the next bar for comparison. (MuS 3.7)
It would be interesting if someone could recreate this specifically so that the bug could be localized.

After all, you can simply delete the notes/rest in the bar and rewrite them. This is not always so easy with errors.

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That looks like a measure rest in voice 1 in the first measure as it looks like a whole note rest but is centred, which would be correct. The half rest in measure 2 is also shown correctly as it is aligned with beat 1. It would be more usual to see a measure rest in these circumstances.

It looks like an eighth rest on beat 1 has been deleted from voice 2 (or is it perhaps voice 3 or 4?). It can be replaced by swapping voice 2 (or whichever voice it is) with voice 1 and then back again.

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> It would be more usual to see a measure rest in these circumstances.
Yes, of course.
I referred to it as a whole rest in my posts above, ignoring the fact that it is a measure rest which only has two beats in 2/4 time. Others have therefore identified it as a half rest. So I created this example explicitly with a half rest.
This can also be explained by my insufficient knowledge of these terms ... :-)

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