Playback with bends

• Feb 8, 2024 - 13:54

Any progress on playing back bends in MuseScore 4? I rely heavily on bends for much of my music and they don't playback when I open them on MuseScore 4. Perrhaps you can direct me to the correspondence on this subject. I bet here is much!!


Thanks Jojo, Yes, I have the latest. It does playback on bends on guitar (that's presumably why the bend is in the 'guitar' pallet) and what's nice is that you can easily bend up and down - without using that graph as in 3.6.2 (F8) - rather like using the slur. But it seem I cannot do bends on saxophones, which could be done on 3.6.2,

Also I attach a 3.6.2 score with various instruments whose notes have been bent - in the first 13 bars. They all play back nicely in 3.6.2.
But when I open the scone in 4.2.1 the bends do not play , not even the guitar notes that are bent.
So please go to bar 50 where there is a guitar solo with big bends.

Now I post a lot of scores and I am worried that visitors will open the score which I have produced in 3.6.2 with bends in the sax and other instruments like trumpet etc uisng 4.x.x. I am worried that they will not hear the bend notes and the song will be out of tune because 4.x.x will not play the bends. Should I asd a precautionary note to please open the score in 3.6.2? This could make thingsd difficult as they may not all use 3.6.2.

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