Sheet Music and Playback Buffering - Only Seeing First Page and Unable to Play Sound

• Feb 12, 2024 - 00:46


I've had one specific 4 pages of sheet music open on for the past day or so. I've been able to see all four pages of the sheet music and have playback play the entire piece for me. However, at some point tonight, it stopped showing the 2-4 pages and then, every time I pressed play on playback, it would buffer, shutting down the top bar and everything. I have attached a screen recording of the problem. I've tried logging in and accessing this and other pieces on multiple devices with no avail.

Is something wrong on my end?

Thanks for your help,
~Lana Sage (She/Her).

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I can only see the first page of all the music I open. I have logged out and back in and have completed restarted my IPad.

I've experienced the same problem... it seems to just be a problem with the site sometimes. As far as I know (which isn't very far), it has nothing to do with you (I've tried rebooting and using different browsers and audio devices without fixing the issue).

But also, issues with should not be reported on sends you over to for support. Same company.

I'm having the same issue. Only page one loads, and I can't play any of the music.

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