Lower 8va doesn't properly respect minimum spacing

• Feb 16, 2024 - 15:02

Bar 28, piano
I tried seeing if the properties tab could be reset to default; I tried changing the layout stretch; I tried cutting and pasting.

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Do you mean that the dashed line extends all the way to the end of the measure? If that's the case, then you likely clicked on the measure and then on the line. If you want it to only go to the last note then click on the first note, [Shift]click on the last note and then click on the line in the lines palette.

To fix what you have at present (at least, I assume this is what you want), select the 8 or the line until it is highlighted and press [Shift][LeftArrow].

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I can see the same thing in MuS 3.7, but only in the horizontal continuous view.
Switch to the page view. Then in 3.7 there are no more overlaps.
I think this is nothing more than a blemish. If you print the score, it will be the page view anyway. Export a PDF for testing. How does it look then?

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