Line layout keeps resetting

• Feb 19, 2024 - 02:46

I'm starting to dread the use of lines in MuseScore 4.2.

I use dotted lines in choral pop arrangements to show changes in who has the melody, turning off Auto-place, and positioning the ends close to the note heads. I haven't worked out how to reproduce it yet, but all over the score, I keep finding that the diagonal lines between staves have become horizontal again and turned Auto-place back on for themselves. I keep having to reposition these so that they show the melody changes again. It's driving me gently round the bend.

Anyone got any thoughts on why this is happening?


What sort of line are you using? A "note anchored line' would seem what you want, rather than any other type with "allow diagonal" selected.

Note anchored lines are found in the Add>Line Menu. Why not in the lines pallet? I think reason is list in the mists of time! It also doesn't help that they aren't mentioned in the handbook (or at least I can't find them there).

For more precise advice, please attach a sample score and describe what you are trying to achieve in more detail.

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There is a feature request in github about the default positioning of the end points of note anchored lines being on rather than next to the noteheads. But note that you can adjust the position of the endpoints, it's just annoying that you have to do it every time. And there is no offset parameter shown in the properties panel that could be set as a style; although I am not sure how useful such a thing would be as you will need offsets in different directions for different notes.

The fact that note anchored lines don't work between systems is a limitation, and I don't see a feature request to get round that. Feel free to add one to github.

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