Musescore 4 Was a MISTAKE

• Feb 19, 2024 - 23:50

What the fuck is actually going on with musescore 4? 3 had everything we needed except dynamic control and decent playback, and with those two things being top priority, developers have decided to make every part of the GUI look like a government website, and functionality is somehow even worse than form. Playback is god awful. Some instruments can be heard at mezzo-piano, others are fully obscured at that dynamic even playing solo. I've paid hundreds of dollars for Pro, and I'm fully ready for my refund, because I will never again be using these services and I regret every single cent that went toward a Youtuber with zero actual development knowledge. I can play the EXACT same files in musescore 3 and 4, and better fuckin believe 3 is the only tolerable one to hear. I'll be honest, even after 2 years of "updates" absolutely nothing has improved since 4.1.1. I've lost all hope for this software, have uninstalled it, and will be in contact with support for refunds of every purchase I've ever made.


No need to be abusive. No need for ad hominem attacks. These people work hard. MuseScore works pretty well for most people, most of the time. The bugs are getting ironed out. MS is free and open source. User support is free, too, and most questions get quick replies. If you want to pay hundreds of dollars for Finale, no one is stopping you.

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