Change default soundfont in MuseScore 4

• Feb 20, 2024 - 15:08

In MS3, changing the default soundfont was easy - you open the synthesizer menu, rearrange the soundfonts to the order you prefer, and click "set as default". In MS4, I cannot find this menu. MSBasic is not the best sounding soundfont, and having to individually set every instrument to my preferred soundfont in the mixer is tedious, especially since the mixer doesn't allow you to skip to an instrument by typing its name. Any way I can change the default? Otherwise I'm going back to using MS3.


The Basic sounds in MU4 ARE the sounds from MU3. If you have other sf2 fonts, you can put them in the Soundfonts folder in In the MU4 main folder. Then choose them in the mixer. We each have to use the software that works for us.

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