Fortepiano not working

• Feb 21, 2024 - 12:58

I have a fp marking with a crescendo in the image. image_2024-02-21_235735575.png However, it plays the entire bar at an fff volume and then plays the last note at an mp volume. How do you get the fp to work properly?


The standard advice is to separate the start and end points for a hairpin from the initial dynamic and the final dynamic, and to insert hidden dynamics to make the requirements explicit.

With Mu3 I use hidden rests in Voice 2 to provide extra anchor points:

But I can't provide a working example in Mu4, so you will have to experiment yourself.

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Since you're talking about MuS 3: there are other alternatives without using voice 2.

Firstly, yes, put the ff on the next note and set the hairpin, that's enough. You must not overlook the tremolo!

Or, without the ff in the next measure, you can change the velocity of the hairpin in its properties. Instead of the standard value '0', enter '50' or more, for example. As 'fp' starts with velocity '96' and then becomes quieter by '-47', you would have to enter the value '63' for the result 'ff' for the hairpin in order to arrive at the value 112, which corresponds to 'ff'.

Without the tremolo, however, it only works with instruments for which you can select the sound variant with the addition "Expr." in the mixer. So not with the piano, of course, you couldn't play that either.

See my attached example from MuS 3.7. I don't use MuS 4 either, so I don't know if it works the same way there.

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