Synchronisation between score and individual instrument parts

• Feb 22, 2024 - 08:41

Yesterday, JoJo supported me in the combination of two instruments into one stave. Worked fine when I did the same for another pair of instruments.

What's not copied over were some slurs so I inserted these manually afterwards in the score. What I don't understand is why the score content is not synchronised with the content of the instrument parts. I've not checked everything, but the first thing I observed was that the slurs in measures 48 - 54 are not visible in the Flute II part.

As the score, so to say, is the master, I make the changes here but how do you make sure the parts are synchronised with the score?

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Thanks, in the attached example, I corrected it manually because I didn't want to start over again. For this piece, no problem.

However, that wasn't really my question. Having corrected it manually, how is it ensured the parts are synchronised with the corrected "new" score? As it is now, the score is correct but that's not reflected in the Flute II part.

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I've now attached the file from yesterday, the one I received back from you. In the parts window, there are 5 elements Flute I and Flute II. That was my input. Flute I, II is the combined stave you created yesterday without copying the beams including some articulations. No problem, so I inserted them in "your" combined voice manually.

Now the last two Flute I (copy) and Flute 2 (copy) I generated today based on the combined Flute I, II selecting voice 1 for Flute I (copy) and voice 2 for Flute 2 (copy).

If you check Flute I and Flute II as well as in the "corrected" combined Flute I, II , there are beams in both voices, e.g. in measure 48 - 54.

Now, the "generated" Flute I (copy) has the slurs whereas in Flute II (copy) does not have them. Hence my question, How can I make sure that the score and parts are synchronised.? I attach the MuseScore file as well.

For your information, there are other places in the complete orchestral score where beaming, articulations etc does not show up in the individual parts. That's a little annoying and dangerous and could mean a lot of additional work if I have to check each one of the 30 individual parts.

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