deleted work

• Feb 24, 2024 - 14:57

Dear Musescore, I was working for a compositin and it got deleted from my computer. The composition was called "theme and Variation on the theme of chopin"and musescore only saved the beginning. Is there any way I wil be able to recover the file?


If you saved the file, it should be somewhere. Have your computer search for it. Otherwise it might be in a hidden backup folder in your scores folder. Look up how to view hidden folders for your OS.

Where did you save it? What do you mean by "it was deleted"? Deleting a file is normally an active action by the user. If so, have a look in your recycle bin!

Otherwise, if you still know the name of the file, look for it in your documents folder. Every file Explorer (Finder on Mac) offers a search function.

And there is also the hidden subfolder ".mscbackup" right under the folder where you save your musescore files. Maybe there is an autosaved copy. If you can't see the folder, ask a search engine how to display it for your operating system.

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