How do I reset the measure numbering

• Feb 27, 2024 - 05:04

At the bottom of the first page in the attached file you will see a page break. I deleted it and inserted a section break instead. However, the measure number of the subsequent measures is unchanged.

In the handbook for v4 it says:
"By default, numbering of measures always restarts at the beginning of a new section."

What am I doing wrong?

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You have used a page break and not a section break.

Sometimes I have observed that the numbering is not updated even then, but this is only due to a missing page refresh. Switch to continuous mode and back again, for example, to force a refresh. It is also correct after saving and reopening the score.

Probably, yet not necessarily... nothing.

The Odds are that Mu4 has been programmed incorrectly wherein the change doesn't manifest until after saving and reopening the score. Verify this by trying your mentioned procedure with the addition of saving and closing/reloading the score, then verify the correct measure number. If so, just consider that next time and continue on without worryin' about it ;) Make sure to do so before printing etc. Probably will be fixed in the future. Also like the other guy just mentioned, alternatively try switching views first.

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Probably Pre-3.6.2 (hysterical raisins!) I remember there being an issue of updating somewhere back there between 3.4-3.5ish, but it was fixed sometime before the MS3 branch was stopped. I'm probably a nut for demonstrating, but for proof: If I load the user's score into "3.7" to save it to a 3.6.2 compatible format, then load it in, the desired behavior is correct if I add a section break at the page break without requiring reload/change view. Proof (3.6.2):


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Ok, I have not tested it with 3.6.2, but with 3.7 and there the error is still or again present. It is also possible that Jojo-Schmitz has taken over code from MuS 4 at this point.

However, I think I observed it before using 3.7, but I'm not sure. It sometimes - not always - occurred during certain editing processes.

It's nothing dramatic if you know the cause and a workaround.

Thank you all for your comments. I did a save then reload and the measures numbers were then correct! I had assumed that after adding the Section break the layout would be recalculated to reflect the change.

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