Change Playback Tempo

• Mar 2, 2024 - 16:38

I have the free version and was wondering how to change the playback tempo. Also, sometimes when I playback only one voice with play. How to I get all voices to play?


There is no paid version of the notation software. Spend some time in the manual. Faster than waiting for an answer here.
Where are you trying to start playback? If you select a measure, only that part will play. Select any note and playback of all instruments will start from that point.

Two ways to change tempo, depending on what you want.

1) Include a tempo marking in the score. This affects the score from that point onward, so if you put such a tempo marking on the first note/rest in the piece, it affects the entire score (until it encounters another tempo marking).
Select a note or rest. Open the Tempo palette and select one of the entries. In the numeric entries (e.g. [quarter note] = 80), they all default to 80. Double-click on the tempo marking and change the number from 80 to whatever tempo you want.

2) At the top right of the MuseScore window (unless you have changed default settings) is the Playback toolbar. It has the buttons to Rewind, Play/Stop, Loop, etc. Immediately left of the Rewind button is an icon of 6 dots in a small, vertical rectangle. Click this and drag the toolbar over the main part of the score. This shows additional buttons relating to Playback: one of which is a slider bar to adjust the Playback tempo by a percentage.

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