Change size of D. C. al Coda and To Coda, etc

• Mar 4, 2024 - 05:24

I realize this has been covered to death, but I've been searching for almost an hour for 'how to change size of To Coda'. I right click on it and see an option called Edit Element that does nothing. I search in Format>Style>Text Styles and nothing in that long list suggests being related to 'To Coda' or the like. I've Googled it to find old posts that may have been useful back in old versions but don't work today.

I would humbly suggest that we be able someday to 'right click' on an object or piece of text, notation, whatever.. and the app would open up a dialog specific to that object's category, in which we could edit away. Thanks very much for your help. Its been a long long session, so please hit back soft.


At least in older versions this was not a problem.
Select the element and open the inspector. There you can change the font size.
If you double-click on an element, you will get a menu at the bottom left of the Musescore window where you can even change the size of a single character or, if you have selected the whole string, the size of all characters.
I would be surprised if this were not also possible in the properties of the element in MuS 4.

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