What is the best way to capture this correctly?

• Mar 4, 2024 - 11:34

I am struggling to enter this part of a score. There are no rests.
I have captured it with rests a the beginning of the bar but it sounds terrible that way.

It should just be like a stop and new start like a new chapter or something like that.
Please see the attached of the relevant original from 1916

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Hello and thank you.
I have read and re-read your suggestion but I am not sure how to do that.
Firstly, I do not know how to actually shorten measures in Musiscore ( yet).
But secondly, the first measure is full of notes from start to end. How can one shorten that without loosing notes?

Best regards

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The 1st measure ius shortened already, in the image, to 7/8.
You can shorten measures in several ways, one is be Ctrl+Del a duration (note or rest), andother is by using the measure proerties (right-click into the measure, measure üproterties) and change the actual duration.
A 3rd one is to split a measure, via Tools > Measures. Here though you'd still needto go into the 2nd measure's properties anyd tick 'exclude from measure count'

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On your first point: You are right!! I di not notice this before as I thought it was just a bad copy with a missing dot. But you are 100%correct as the melody is short as well.!!

On your further points:, Let me study that in more detail.
Thank you.

But why did "they" not simply put the second measure not into the end of the first then?

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Use an element of the palette 'Breaths & Pauses', apply it to the last note of the 7/8 measure and set its pause duration to the desired value. You can hide this element afterwards to achieve the look of your template.
(View in continuous mode to save picture size)

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Earlier you wrote:
It should just be like a stop and new start like a new chapter or something like that.
...but it sounds kind of dreadful. A definite full stop or break is required there but as entered as written, that does not sound right.

The Chorus introduces a new rhythmic pattern -- all those dotted eighth notes followed by 16th notes. Entering those as straight eighth notes would make the transition to the chorus less of a contrast to the rhythm of the verse. (Those 2 different rhythms are briefly stated in the first 6 measures of the intro.)
Playing the metronome will confirm that the 4/4 meter is maintained during the verse-chorus transition. (Be sure to exclude the anacrusis from the measure count.)

I have taken your attachment and fixed this error:
Measure 25, staff 2 incomplete. Expected: 4/4; Found: 22/16

If you open this fixed score in MuseScore 3 :
...and play it back, you will hear a (hidden) drum track starting at measure 7. It continues through the chorus -- with a corresponding rhythm change to accompany the chorus.

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Hello again,
Thank you so much.

I have jut had time to download test2 and check t out.
I am very curious to know how you added that drum track and also how you spotted the problem in bar 25.

I wanted to upload an audio track of what the song transition from verse to chorus should sound like but the forum does not allow for that.

I now realise that the score will likely never be able to represent exactly what it should sound like. but it has been an interesting learning curve entering it and getting this far. Thank you all again.

Best regards

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Regarding the problem in bar 25...
When I opened your attached score, test1mscz.mscz, in MuseScore 3 it warned of corruption. Clicking on 'Show details" produced this:

Regarding the drums...
I hurriedly cobbled this together from some common drum patterns which I copy/pasted into the score - to demonstrate the rhythmic change at the chorus.
To see that drum staff...
Press I (for Instruments) to open the Instruments dialog where you can place a checkmark in the "Visible" column to unhide the drum staff.

Regarding an audio track...
If you have an audio recording (for example .mp3 or .wav), of the song transition (with a particular arrangement or style you are striving for), you can re-name the audio file extension to something like '.mid' -- e.g., so name it "song.mid" instead of "song.mp3" and upload. Then we can re-name it back to .mp3 (or .wav).

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