My entire MuseScore 2 "Scores" folder has disappeared from the hard drive and cloud

• Mar 9, 2024 - 19:14

I have done a search of both places, to no avail. Pdf's that I saved in a composition folder as email attachments are still in my email, but if I want to transpose an older score, I need to start from scratch. I looked at what seemed like a similar topic, but the fix--downloading MuseScore 4 the clicking "Open Other"--didn't solve the problem. So frustrating!

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Great news that you've found them back.
But please realize that your scores are files saved on your PC or Mac, they are not "in" MuseScore at all. It is not installing MuseScore 4 that brings the files back.
Are you on Windows ?
Then open Windows explorer and learn how to navigate to the place where your scores are.
And learn how you can rename your files there copy them to take a backup, move them in subfolders to organize them, etc...
All this has nothing to do with MuseScore itself, and that knowledge is applicable to whatever other application you use (text editor, ...)

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Believe it or not, I understand this, which is why I was mystified about why an entire folder disappeared without my removing it. I don't actually use MuseScore anymore, as mentioned, but someone asked for a version of one of my older pieces in a different key. Typically, I just pull it up and transpose it.

I have switched computers since I installed MuseScore 2; the old laptop is truly geriatric and trying to use it is almost impossible. Accessing my scores on this computer was never a problem until recently. SOMETHING happened. I thought everything was backed up on the cloud, however, I couldn't find the scores there, either. I have, in the past, saved things on a thumbdrive and transferred them from the old computer to my new computer. I'll see if I can do that again. Perhaps I should pour a stiff drink first. (I don't drink).

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