Drag rests like notes?

• Mar 12, 2024 - 08:10

Hey guys,

MS 4 is fantastic, but one quirk I've noticed:
When a bar starts with a note or chord, you can drag it horizontally to add leading space (to add a chord symbol, Segno, text, etc.).
But try that with a leading rest, and it floats freely, leaving the rest of the bar unchanged.
In these screenshots, I've dragged the leading G to the right to add space for the chord symbol. But when I dragged the rest, only the rest moved—and its movement isn't even constrained horizontally, as the note's was:


In fact, rests behave this way, everywhere.
It can be "gotten around" by temporarily making the rest a note, dragging it, then restoring it. But is this intentional behaviour? Why? Thanks!


Better add an x-Offset to the Chord symbols or the rehearsal mark. Actually I wonder why colission avoidance doesn't work here?
And really dragging notes horizontally should be forbidden/disabled, there too it should be done via their properties and there only

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